Registration / Admission:

Registration is done prior to Admission.

 GRADES  Age Group
 KG - I  3 Years & 8 Months
 KG-II  4 Years & 8 Months
 Grades I to IX  5 Years & 8 Months to 14 +

Registration for admission to the KG-I Class begins in the month of April.

Registration for admission does not ensure admission to a particular class. The school reserves the right to reject applications without assigning any reason.

Children seeking admission to classes other than KG-I are expected to have a fairly good knowledge of English. In addition, they should also prove their suitability for admission.


1   One month’s written notice of intention of withdrawal is to be submitted to the school authorities.

2    “Clearance Form” duly completed is to be submitted at the school office after the letter of intent. One month’s fee in lieu of notice will be charged if written notice is not given.

3   Transfer Certificate will be issued only after all dues have been cleared.


The students will be expelled from the School for the following:

1.For Disciplinary Reasons:

  a) If he/she commits deeds against honour, honesty and any religious value.

  b) If he/she consistently violates the school rules.

  c) If he/she deliberately damages the school property.

  d) If he/she is indisciplined& doesn’t mend ways.

2.For Non Disciplinary Reasons:

  a) If the student remains ABSENT for NO REASON or for UNACCEPTABLE reason for 20 consecutive or 25 non-consecutive days.

3.Students expelled for disciplinary reasons will not be re-registered at all.


For details please see the School Prospectus.

1. School Fee is payable in three equal instalmentsby

(a) 31st August,

(b) 10th of December &

(c) 10th of April.

2. Students will not be permitted to attend the School if their fee is not paid after two written reminders in the diary by the Class Teacher and warning letter by the Principal.


The School provides transport facilities on a limited scale. Admission to school does not necessarily confirm the availability of a seat on the bus. The buses ply on a set route and parents are advised to bring their children and receive them from specific points punctually at the scheduled time. No change in the bus route will be possible. Transport service may be discontinued in case of misconduct in the bus reported thrice by the bus driver/staff. Bus fee is payable in three instalments along with school fees.

Students who are picked up by parents/guardians will have to leave the campus immediately after their classes are let off & the school holds no responsibility of their safety after school hours.

Transport for Boys is available only up to grade VII


All students are expected to attend the school in the proper uniform. Wearing of the prescribed school uniform is compulsory for all pupils not only during normal school hours but also on all occasions, such as functions, picnics and Parents’ Day. Failure to comply with the school uniform regulations may result in suspension from classes.

Parent-Teacher Meeting: Please note that entry will be allowed only to those students who will be in school uniform.

K.G. I & K.G. II :

1. Dark brown trousers for boys &Shalwar for girls.

2. Brown and white checked shirt for boys / Kameez for girls.

3. White ribbons or white hair band.

4. Black shoes with white socks.

Grade I to XII (Boys):

1. Dark brown trousers.

2. Short-sleeved beige shirt with one pocket on the left.

3. Belt as prescribed.

4. Black shoes with white socks.

Grade I to XII (Girls):

1. Dark brown shalwar.

2. Brown and white checked shirt tailored in the prescribed design.

3. a) A white scarf is compulsory for girls of Grade III and above.

b) White ribbon or white hair-band.

Uniform for Special Occasions & on Thursdays

Primary & Pre-Primary:

Boys: White Trousers, White half-sleeves T-Shirt, White Shoes & Socks, as prescribed.

Girls: White Trousers, White Short Shirt with half-sleeves. White Shoes & Socks, as prescribed.

Uniform for Special Occasions & on Mondays. Grade IV and above.

Boys: White Trousers, White Shirts, White Socks and White Canvas Shoes are worn once a week.

Girls: White Shalwar, White Kameez tailored in the same design as the checked Kameez, White Socks and White Canvas Shoes.

All the students will use the prescribed school sweater in winter. Students are not allowed to wear rings, chains, lockets, etc.